11 Simple Feng Shui Tips for a Peaceful Bedroom


Do you often have trouble falling asleep at night? Or maybe you wake up feeling anxious and stressed? If so, your bedroom may not be as peaceful as it could be. Feng Shui is an ancient art that can help you create a calm and relaxing environment in any space. Feng Shui is a renowned Chinese art and science focused on the harmonious interaction between our environment and human beings. This ancient Chinese practice aims to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home. It’s based on the idea that everything around us has energy, including our furniture and electronics, even the objects inside them! The aim is to bring a vibe where this energy flows freely without blockages or negative vibrations. To achieve this state of harmony and peace, you need to follow these phenomenal Feng shui tips for a peaceful bedroom. Learn more about the ancient practice of Feng Shui here!

Remove Electronics

One of the main Feng shui tips for a peaceful bedroom is to keep all electronics out of your room! This includes TVs, computers or laptops, and even cell phones. These devices produce electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with our sleep patterns causing insomnia and restlessness. They also disturb the natural flow of energy in your home, making it harder for you to get into an optimal state of relaxation. Removing all kinds of electronics from your bedroom will help create a peaceful environment.

Remove Clutter From Your Bedroom

Feng shui experts believe that clutter can affect the flow of energy in your home and cause stress, anxiety, or feeling unwell. So it is best to remove all forms of clutter from your bedroom, including clothes on the floor, shoes, and magazines. Clutter also makes your room look bigger, not what you want in your bedroom. A cluttered and disorganized room will only add to your stress levels.

Order Your Bedroom

According to Feng shui, you should have an orderly bedroom. It means that everything in your room should have its place and be neatly put away. It may seem like a daunting task, but it is definitely worth the effort as an ordered bedroom will help to create a sense of calm and peace. Try to keep all the things you use daily in places that are easy to access. Another tip does not have too many things out on your bedside table. The one thing that should be there is a lamp, and maybe a small vase with some flowers or greenery.


Place Your Bed Facing North

Feng shui experts advise that the bed should be placed against a solid wall and not facing a window or door to avoid the negative energy flowing into your sleep space. They also say that keeping the headboard away from the windows or door is best. Place your bed in the command position, which is facing the doorway but not directly in front of it, so that you can see who comes in without being right next to them. The best way is to place your bed in the northeast corner of your bedroom.

Avoid Sharp Edges and Corners

Sharp edges and corners are believed to create negative energy. The best way to avoid this is by using rounded furniture. For example, you can use a round coffee table or circular rugs instead of square ones. Moreover, using a curved headboard will also help soften your bedroom’s look and create a more peaceful space. A Feng shui expert can assist you in selecting the ideal headboard for your bedroom. With CouponGot discounts, you may hire a professional or get the greatest furniture for your new tranquil haven at a reduced price.

Create a Balanced Bedroom

When arranging your furniture, it is important to create a balanced bedroom. It means having an equal amount of “active” and “passive” areas in your bedroom. The active area should be where you spend most of your time, such as reading or working, and the passive area should be for sleeping. For example, if you spend a significant amount of time reading in bed, place your nightstands on both sides of your bed to create balance. On the other hand, if you rarely read in bed but often use your laptop before sleep, then place a table with your laptop on it in the active area.

Use Soft Lighting

You should avoid bright lights as they create higher levels of stress hormones in your body that keep you awake at night. Instead, use soft lighting to help relax your body and mind for better sleep. You can also place a salt lamp in your bedroom as they release negative ions that help improve air quality and promote better sleep. Most health food shops sell salt lamps. Use coupons and offers to get savings on the newest salt lamps.

Use the Right Colors

The colors you use in your bedroom can profoundly affect how peaceful it is. For example, green and blue are both calming colors that will create an atmosphere conducive to sleep, while bright reds or oranges tend to be more stimulating and make it harder for you to relax at night. Feng shui suggests cool shades for the bedroom. The use of calm and cool colors will help to relax the mind and encourage better sleep. Many people choose to paint their bedroom walls white to create a sense of calm, but any light or cool color can be effective. To add a colorful hue, try using colorful bedding instead.

Add Crystals

According to Feng Shui, crystals can be used to create positive energy in your home. Many people use crystals for meditation or healing, and you can also place them around your house to attract good vibes. Clear quartz is a common crystal placed anywhere in the bedroom. If you want to focus on love, try using rose quartz or amethyst if you’re looking for peace.

Add Soft Fabrics

Soft and comfortable fabrics are another way to create a sense of peace in your bedroom. Silk, satin, and velvet are all great choices for bedding because they’re soft to the touch and can help you relax. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, or linen are also good options, as they allow your skin to breathe. Using soft materials in your bedroom can be especially helpful, as it creates a cozy space for rest.

Open the Windows

Another great way to bring peace into your home is by opening up the windows in your bedroom. The fresh air from outside will help clear any negative energy that may have built up inside. You can also use plants to help purify the air in your bedroom.

On a Final Note

Feng Shui is a great way to create a more peaceful and harmonious space in your home. By following these phenomenal yet incredible tips, you can easily transform your bedroom into a place of tranquility and relaxation. To bring even more peace and serenity to your life, consider adding some crystals to your bedroom. Crystals are great for bringing good energy into any room, especially in the bedroom. After you’ve tried some or all of these Feng Shui tips, be sure to let us know how they work out for you! We love hearing from our readers about what works well in their homes and what doesn’t.

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