5 Best Mutual Fund Apps Of India in September 2022

Best Mutual Fund App in India

Due to a lack of financial knowledge, are you concerned about making that additional cash? Or do you lack time and are too busy to make wise financial decisions? If yes, you may benefit from the best mutual fund apps.

At mutual fund companies, the fund manager will invest your money appropriately in multiple assets. They will also improve your game by producing financial gains and profits.

Additionally, they will encourage the practice of saving money each pay period, which will boost your returns. Do not believe what we say? Managing daily financial tasks, transferring money to investment accounts, and keeping track of expenses are all capabilities of effective and the best mutual fund app by trustworthy companies.

But the best investing apps also let you rapidly trade stocks, monitor your account in real-time, research the markets, and do much more. Due to everything that they can do, investment apps are growing in popularity.

They also provide several investment options, such as paying a large amount at once (mutual fund) or a small amount monthly (Systematic investment plan.) You don’t have to be anxious about not having enough money to put into a mutual fund because you can start with as little as Rs.500.

Top 10 Mutual Fund Apps

Here are the top applications for organizing your money and investing that top investors in India suggest. All these applications are excellent for experts and even simple for people who are just beginning to invest or want to play a stock-picking game for learning purposes using their demo account.

  1. Zerodha

For most Indian investors, the Coin App from Zerodha is the Best mutual fund app. Due to its high degree of usefulness and ease, it is the first and most obvious option for anybody looking to make their own independent mutual fund investments.

Using the Coin by Zerodha app, clients may invest commission-free in mutual fund plans offered by over 40 fund companies. Zerodha, India’s leading broker, supports it, making it a trustworthy, quality, and user-friendly option.

You may now start investing in mutual funds with only a Zerodha account. Investing directly in mutual funds using the Coin app can be simpler if you already have a Zerodha account.

One of India’s best mutual fund applications has a vast user base, which explains why many consider it among the best.


  • The portfolio management interface is simple
  • This mutual fund app might enable you to save between 10% and 1.5% on direct SIPs.
  • The app is friendly with both iOS and Android gadgets
  • Invest in mutual funds via the Zerodha account 
  • Easy SIP managing
  • Select from a variety of mutual funds
  • UPI-based purchase option with ELSS tax savings


  1. Groww

The fastest subscriber rise was seen in the Indian Mutual Funds app: Groww. The fundamental justification is that investing in this mutual fund entails no fees or charges. Additionally, you may use the wallet feature of the software to deposit and withdraw money without going to the bank’s website.

Users of the app may buy or redeem different mutual funds and SIPs. Another option is to transfer traditional investment funds to direct investment funds.

Since it is simple to use, readily available and enables the completion of the least amount of paperwork with the fewest days and stress, it is a popular option for mutual fund investors.


  • Brokerage and account opening fees are zero
  • The dashboard allows you to monitor your whole portfolio, annualized returns, total returns, and several other things
  • Due to the application’s abundance of educational videos and expert-written blogs, it is excellent for beginners
  • Utilize the app’s comprehensive portfolio analytics to monitor your progress


  1. Paytm

Paytm Money is India’s most popular and commonly utilized mutual fund app. The primary defense is that it allows customers to invest directly in mutual funds and get 1% higher returns. Additionally, using the app to purchase and sell mutual funds is free. There is no AMC (annual management charge.)

The diversity of investment options accessible considerably simplifies the mutual fund investing experience for investors. The app’s completely paperless KYC verification process speeds up and simplifies the account opening process.

The app’s interface makes it simple to keep track of your mutual fund holdings. Users of the service may also invest in various mutual funds, such as equity funds, liquid funds, and ELSS funds.



  • There is no commission for mutual funds purchased directly
  • 100% paperless account opening
  • No AMC
  • No-cost account statements
  • Investment-based guidance


  1. Kuvera

Kuvera is another excellent tool for investing in mutual funds that you may use. You can create an account with Kuvera in only a few minutes, and it has a unique and simple user experience. Managing joint family accounts, displaying financial portfolios, and monitoring your investments are all possible.

In addition, the app provides a simple but comprehensive dashboard where you can check details about all policies, financial plans, and SIPs. You may also use it to create investment goals for your life and track your development. Additionally, it proposes popular mutual funds that might aid you in achieving your objective.



  • Account opening is entirely digital
  • Joint account management by family members
  • No hidden fees or commissions
  • Tax-avoidance fund options
  • Objective-based investment alternatives


  1. Cashrich

CashRich is India’s only popular mutual fund app that offers a dynamic mutual fund option that produces higher returns than traditional funds. This remarkable feature makes CashRich the most spectacular mutual fund software in India.

Investors invested 10% to 20% of their funds in the stock market before February 2020. When the stock market fell due to the coronavirus outbreak, the equity allocation rocketed to 70–80%. It reduced the danger of faltering and allowed clients to invest at cheaper costs during a downturn.


  • One-touch chat
  • Choose top mutual fund programs
  • Objective-based investment alternatives
  • Lifetime free accounts

The Final Word

Which investing app you find most beneficial will depend on your investment plan. Do you like to control the circumstances yourself, or would you prefer someone else to handle them? Would you like to create an active portfolio of risky individual stocks or a passive portfolio of funds with less volatility overall?

Regardless of what they may be, there is an app made just for you. Remember that before you install the app, you should make sure you have done your research, are familiar with all it has to offer, and have thoughtfully weighed the benefits and drawbacks of using it. Only then should you install it.

Even though not all programs provide the same range of investment options, they are all the greatest in their particular ways.

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