6 Steps CenturyPromise Takes to Eradicate Counterfeit Plywood

CenturyPromise Takes to Eradicate Counterfeit Plywood

CenturyPromise is a plywood authentication app by the brand CenturyPly. It helps in successfully identifying the authenticity and genuineness of a plywood sheet. You can do so by scanning the QR code which is on every product of CenturyPly. Hence this app is very helpful in identifying if a product is genuine or fake and eventually helps in customers buying genuine plywood.

6 Steps CenturyPromise Takes to Eradicate Counterfeit Plywood

1) QR code integration

CenturyPly makes great efforts to combine modern technology with their products. They have a QR code system which is implemented in all their CenturyDoors products and plyboard products. By using this QR code, the app can successfully scan and check the plywood authenticity of the product if it is a genuine CenturyPly product or not. Customers can even download the e-warranty certificate for added confirmation.

2) Extensive Database

CenturyPly has an in-depth database which stores information about each kind of ply board that is manufactured and the exact process that it has gone through. From the date of manufacture to the materials used all such details will be available to the user on scanning the QR code hence database is a major step that CenturyPly has taken when implementing the QR code scanner CenturyPromise.

3) Consumer Education

CenturyPly takes considerable measures to raise awareness about fake and counterfeit plywood boards. This is not only done for consumers but also retailers, dealers and even wholesalers. It was a product of the rising number of frauds that were conducted by selling fake plywood in the name of genuine ones. The main aim behind this is to create an environment of trust in the brand. CenturyPromise app has been a great move by the CenturyPly brand from the consumer education perspective.

4) App Development

The CenturyPromise app is made such that it supports all kinds of users and consumers. The app is made to support both Android and iOS platforms. Thus both phone owners can avail the benefits of the app and thus avoid buying fake products.

5) Real-time verification

The app works such that the whole process is done in real-time so that a consumer can get instant results and review if the product that they’re buying is genuine or not. This is possible because of its central database system and algorithm which makes available information to users.

6) Free App and Certificate

The CenturyPromise app provides an E-warranty certificate to the user to get assurance that the product is genuine or not. The certificate makes it easier for even retailers and dealers of CenturyPly products to build trust with their buyers and consumers.

This builds a chain of trust and goodwill from the start to the end. Additionally, this app is free of cost. This helps benefit all consumers, retailers, dealers and even wholesalers in verifying their products thus benefiting everyone.

Final overview

In summary, the CenturyPromise app is the go-to platform where a user can go to check plywood authenticity. Authentication and verification thus become an easy process with the simple and easy-to-surf user interface that they have built. It even helps in taking appropriate feedback from the end buyers and consumers. This feedback helps the brand work on areas where there is room for improvement.

Keeping in mind the efforts that CenturyPly takes to assure its target audience of the genuineness of its product, you can safely assume that it is a customer-centric brand. Their aim lies in pleasing the consumer and ensuring that the product they receive is of high quality.

Combining these qualities with the wide range of offerings that CenturyPly has for all our interior needs makes it the perfect brand to go to with all of our home furnishing needs.

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