Business Loans in Canada: Alternative Finance and Traditional Funding Options


Firm loans and financing for a business may have improved recently? Even in the best of circumstances, obtaining credit and finance for cash flow solutions for your business can feel like an endless effort, let alone during an industry or economic crisis. Let’s get started.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, there has been a significant shift in lender financing choices for business loans. Peer-to-peer corporate loans, other alternative finance alternatives, and, of course, traditional funding provided by Canadian chartered banks are all available to Canadian business owners and financial managers.

The above-mentioned online business loans are common and emerged from merchant cash advance programmes in the United States. Loans are often based on a percentage of your yearly revenue, ranging from 15-20%. The loans are undoubtedly pricey, but many small firms, notably merchants who accept cash or credit cards, regard them as simple to secure.

Depending on your company’s conditions and your ability to really comprehend the many possibilities accessible to organisations looking for SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE. Those small to medium-sized firms (the definition of “small business” varies, although it is frequently characterised as organisations with less than 500 workers!)

So, how can we sketch out our strategy for external finance strategies and solutions? A easier way to look at it is to group these many funding possibilities as follows:

Loans / Debt

Asset-Based Lending

Alternative Hybrid Solutions

Many top experts believe that the alternative financing options now available to your company are on par with Canadian chartered bank financing in terms of a comprehensive spectrum of funding. The alternative lender is often a private commercial finance business that specialises in one of the different asset financing sectors.


If there is one major trend that is “sticking,” it is asset-based finance. The capacity of enterprises to receive capital through assets such as accounts receivable, inventories, and fixed assets without a heavy emphasis on balance sheet structure, earnings, and cash flow (these three variables drive bank financing approval in large part) is the key to success in ABL ( Asset Based Lending ).

Factoring, often known as “Receivable Finance,” is another significant driver of trade finance in Canada. In certain circumstances, it’s the only method for businesses to sell to and finance clientele in other regions/countries.

The growth of ‘internet finance’ is also unmistakable. Whether it’s accessing ‘crowdfunding’ or obtaining working capital term loans, the technological speed seems to be picking up. To appreciate the difficulty of small businesses acquiring business funding, one simply has to read a business daily such as the Globe & Mail or Financial Post.

Business owners/financial managers frequently find their organisation at a “changing point” in its history, when money is required or possibilities and risks cannot be taken. While placing or obtaining additional stock in the firm is frequently difficult, the fact is that the majority of organisations with SME commercial financing needs are not, shall we say, “adapted” to this sort of funding and capital raising.

The interest rates on business loans differ from those on non-traditional financing, but they provide greater flexibility and ease of access to money.

We are also the first to remind customers that government solutions in business financing should not be overlooked. The GovernmentSmall Business Loan Canada (maximum availability = $ 1,000,000.00) and the SR&ED programme, which allows business owners to recoup R&D capital expenses, are two of the greatest programmes. Once registered, sred credits can also be financed.

These last two financing options are frequently well suited to business start-up loans. We should not forget that asset financing, sometimes known as “ABL” by those on Wall Street, may be utilised as a loan to purchase a firm.

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