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The loss of hair or declining hairline is a significant concern for maximum adults worldwide. Here, hair transplant has come up as an effective solution to the rising problem. The hair transplant helps to replace the lost or thinning hair by grafting hair follicles and keeping the hair count as before. But, affording a hair transplant depends on the need and range of baldness. Alongside the above reasons, several other reasons are there that affect the hair transplantation cost in Jaipur.

What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

Hair loss in men can be due to several reasons listed below.

  1. Hair loss can be hereditary in the majority of cases. In genetic hair loss, the person starts losing hair after reaching a particular age.
  2. Some medical conditions or hormonal changes are responsible for temporary or permanent hair loss.
  3. People start losing hair after taking certain medical drugs for diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart problems, etc.
  4. Hairstyling and treatments like applying hot oil can cause hair loss in some cases. Moreover, some people are allergic to different chemicals that cause hair loss.
  5. Radiation exposure can remove the hair permanently from the scalp.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Hair Transplant

  1. Number of Grafts To Be Transplanted

The minimum cost of hair transplantation varies between the number of grafts required for the treatment. Each graft consists of a group of 2-4 hair follicles; hence, a few grafts can cover a small patch easily. In Jaipur, the cost of each graft varies among clinics ranging between 10-15 rupees. Hence, the hair transplantation cost in Jaipur is calculated based on the number and the price of each graft.

  1. Area Of Baldness

The area of baldness decides how many grafts you will require to cover your head. In case the baldness is patchy or minimum, fewer number grafts are required for hair transplantation, and vice versa. Hence, the area of baldness plays a more prominent role in deciding the effective cost of hair transplantation.

  1. Techniques Used For Hair Transplantation

The hair transplantation costs are mainly affected by the treatment used in the hair transplantation. The standard treatment methods used for hair transplantation are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), Dense Hair Implantation, and QHT (Quick Hair Transplant). Among the three, Follicular Unit Extraction is the most preferred treatment by doctors and patients because of the lower charges per graft. Hence, the treatment procedure also plays a role in deciding the cost of hair transplantation.

  1. Number Of Sessions Required For Treatment

The hair transplantation procedure requires a few sessions to complete. The extent of baldness directly affects the number of sessions needed for the treatment. The number of sessions varies among patients, increasing the overall cost of hair transplantation. So, a person with less hair loss can expect treatment completion in a few sessions.

  1. The Texture of Hair & Skin Conditions

Another major factor for hair loss is thinning or disrupted texture of hair. The hair thinning can be due to exposure to dust, heavy light, etc. Moreover, several skin conditions like excessive dandruff can also lead to hair loss. Hence, the doctors can increase the cost after examining the texture of hair and scalp condition. 

  1. Irregular Hair Loss

The hair loss doesn’t take place symmetrically or evenly over the head. Many irregular patches of baldness are there in most people. But, the extent of irregularity plays a deciding factor in hair transplantation cost.


A single factor isn’t sufficient to determine the hair transplantation cost in Jaipur. Multiple factors work together to calculate the approximate budget for hair transplantation. Therefore, go through the above factors to choose or have a rough idea of the budget required to transplant the lost hair.

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