For Your Child’s Birthday Party, Hire an Entertainer

Birthday Entertainment

The date has been set. The invites must be sent out within the next several days. The theme has been chosen, and the decorations are ready to pick up at the party supply store… Oh, and why don’t we have a kid’s entertainment this year?

Now, play the screaming brake noise.

If you’re this far along in the process, you’re going to have a hard time finding entertainers. To ensure that you have enough time to find and schedule great entertainment, you should back up the planning truck by about four weeks. Yes, you may locate a good entertainment at the last minute, but don’t expect them to show up simply because you called.

Around six weeks before a birthday, a good performer will begin aggressively booking gigs. Four weeks is still a safe bet, but anything beyond that puts the dates in jeopardy.

The majority of folks choose to host the party on a Saturday afternoon around 3 p.m. In any given month, an artist has around eight of those prized seats. You move to late afternoon/early evening or maybe a Sunday after they’ve been taken (which is getting more popular nowadays).

Rule #1: Plan at least one month ahead of time.

You can still find an excellent performer at the last minute, as I indicated before, but you’ll have to be more flexible with the party time or date. Consider having a party during the week if at all feasible. Those periods are frequently more available, and some artists may even provide a discount to fill a date that would otherwise be fruitless.

Once you’ve compiled a list of possible performers, it’s time to book them. So, what’s next? What factors do you consider when deciding who to allow into your home?

Rule # 2: Do your research.

First, if there is one, go to the company’s website. A decent website should offer you a good picture of what to expect from this performance. Keep in mind that the flashiest websites aren’t always the most successful. A great website, on the other hand, indicates that this individual is serious about his or her firm. Make a point of reading all of the testimonials and keeping an eye out for names you might recognise. Check view the video if it’s available. In the video, look for children laughing. Don’t be concerned about the show. When seen on video, most living room programmes appear slow or even campy.

Don’t be concerned about the show. When seen on video, most living room programmes appear slow or even campy. If the kids are laughing, though, you know you’ve found a fantastic children’s entertainment.

You might also ask your friends for recommendations for a performer. Do they know who he or she is? If that’s the case, what have they heard? Everything should be positive. Of course, you’ll want to contact the performer to learn more about what to expect if he or she agrees to amuse your child. Consider this a job interview in which you are the employer. Here are some questions to consider.

Birthday Entertainment

Do you work as a full-time performer? (While a part-time performer may suffice, someone who makes a career from entertainment will have more expertise and, because this is a business, may be more trustworthy.)

So, what exactly do you do? (This is a broad query.) Expect a summary rather than a detailed account, but pay attention to what is said and how it is delivered. The description should pique your interest in some way. Remember that this individual will most likely be conversing with or interacting with your kid and the other visitors for quite some time.)

I’m curious how long you’ve been doing this. (This is a crucial point.) The more time someone spends on a job, the better they get at it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the role of entertainer.)

Do you have any testimonials? (Testimonials may already be available on their website.) It’s a boost if you can acquire a recent reference to really speak with. This might not be possible — do you want to be the one who gets calls from strangers in the future?)

Take notice of how many questions your potential performer asks you in addition to these. Expect to be questioned about the party’s location, date, time, children’s ages, and what you’re expecting. A good performer will want to know what kind of setting he’ll be in. With every inquiry, he’s already arranging for the event.

Rule #3: Choose an entertainment who will match the concept.

Depending on the age of the children, there are a variety of themes to choose from. At this stage, your selections are limited by the birthday child’s interests. The list continues on and on with Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, spies, magic, princesses, and so forth. Once you’ve selected, go to the internet and type in a few key terms related to the theme you’ve picked for your location. For example, if your theme is Harry Potter and you reside in Milwaukee, you may look up Milwaukee birthday magicians on the internet. This should take you to a page with numerous options.

Some people may still prefer to let their fingers do the walking and look for someone in the Yellow Pages. Keep in mind that sophisticated entertainers are flocking to the internet in droves. Ads are pricey, and most performers are opting for the internet instead. As a result, your options in the printed book will be limited.

Even if you follow all of these recommendations, there is no assurance that you will end up with the greatest entertainment. You will, however, have done your homework. There isn’t much else to do. However, make sure to speak personally with the performer who will be visiting your home. On sometimes, an agency will appear first in an online search. This agency may appear to be in your town, but it might be on the other side of the nation or perhaps in another country entirely. Most of the time, these ‘agencies’ are merely seeking for a warm body to fill in for the performers. Take care.

If you can’t communicate directly with the artist, it’s time to move on. You never know who could show up at your door on the scheduled day. You make the decision.

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