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Search engine optimization means to optimize your own website content to get Traffic actually this is very important process in digital marketing. SEO makes to get traffic for your website. Basically SEO is used to making your website in the top in search engine portal.

After that SEO divided into two structures:

First one is on page SEO and second one is off page SEO. In on page SEO all the process are within your control but when comes to off page SEO means, it is not in your control. It is fully done in outside of your website.

Let’s see about off page SEO:

Off page SEO means, process of make quality back links for your own webpage or website. Digital marketing training. This is very important for Google ranking. It is very long process to get quality back links for your websites or web pages or blogs etc…. from social media, guest posting sites, and then social bookmarking sites, and the good quality back link is to increase your ranking for your own website in search engine portal site and to increase visibility of your content among the people easily so automatically the site ranking is increased. Try to get quality and good sites for back link which are having high domain authority, because high authority sites only used to increase your ranking in search engine portal, if you go low domain authority sites your Google ranking is also decreased.


What is mean by Link Popularity?

Link popularity is very important strategy of OFF page SEO process. It means that, total number link of your site that is pot out by you in other sites.


If you and your competitor are doing same level of SEO, at the time Google gets confused to ranking who is first, Due to this condition, Google algorithm checks link popularity for ranking this two sites which is first and which one is second, in this case which website have more link popularity gets higher ranking in search engine portal.

What is mean by do follow and no follow link in SEO:

Do follow links tell the search engine to give the search engine value for our links and it is very useful for boosting traffic in our website or Webpager our blogs.

No follow links tells the search engine, not allow to value for our link, so it is not used for traffic to our website. Learn Digital marketing in erode

OFF page SEO submission lists:

  1. Article submission list
  2. Blog page submission list
  3. Social media bookmarking list
  4. Guest posting site list
  5. Comment posting list
  6. Power point submission list
  7. Image submission list
  8. Video submission list

Article submission list (off page SEO)

The Google search engine has lot of free sites for article submission, so we give free article submission which is fully free of cost. It is the process of submit your content to other sites which are free article submitting sites, so make good and quality fresh content with hundred percent unique. If we copy the content from other site, they are not accepting your article submission. So try to get good quality content from your own concern. The purpose of the process is to increase your traffic on your website and to increase the visibility of your website in Google search engine portal. The main point is, make fresh content without plagiarism, if your content having any plagiarism they are not posting your article on article submission sites.

Important points for article writing:

  1. Make sure your content having enough information about your ideas or business or website
  2. Your article must have the main keyword.
  3. Having 1000 words in article.
  4. Make your article very attractive for visitors.
  5. Adding the main keyword to the title and it helps the spider to read your article easily and identify your sites.

Blog Submission:

Blog submission is a regular activity where the site owner’s actively posting something their websites. It is regular activity in off page SEO process. It is an easy process and regular process. Write a blog and post a blog in blogger submission sites.

Important points for blog writing:

  1. Make sure, your blog content should have relevant enough information about your site or your ideas.
  2. Blogging content must have main keyword.
  3. Minimum 1000 words are mandatory for blogging content.
  4. Make your blog very attractive for visitors and easy to understand.
  5. Fresh content and without plagiarism content accepted in sites.

Guest posting list:

Guest posting is a most common SEO process, Most of the SEO makers uses the same method to increase the Google ranking. There are lot of guest posting sites are there in online. It is easy to find a guest posting sites in Google.

Guest posting is the process, guest posting accepting sites creates quality back links for your websites and create free traffic to your website frequently, it is only done with unique content, if they are identified a copy content they are not posting your content in their websites, so make unique fresh content without plagiarism. Once you make your fresh content, check the content in online for plagiarism. If you find any copy file in your content during plagiarism checking process, after identifying the copy try to remodify the content as per plagiarism conditions. After making the content with a hundred percent unique, then add a website link in content. The website link may be attached in main keyword or title tag or some other place, the main thing is mandatory to add our site link in the main content. After that try to attach two images which are relevant to the content topic.

Benefits of Guest posting process:

  1. It creates more back links to your websites so your site gets higher traffic.
  2. It increases the domain authority of your websites.
  3. This creates more visibility to your websites in search engine portal.
  4. And it will increase the ranking in search engine.
  5. To increase the visibility of your own websites in Google.


SEO is an important process to optimize your sites in search engine portal, Many SEO tools are there to improve the visibility of your websites or to improve your website traffic and to get higher domain authority and Basically the most important factors are keyword and title, domain, and the fresh content (Google did not accept copy content at any instance), and having quality back links and social media sites. So try to do search engine optimization properly….

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