For every adventure lover, night trekking has a different feel. Night trekking is full of thrill. Trekking in the dark and silent atmosphere of night is a feeling beyond explanation.


Kunti Betta hills consist of two rocky hills that are surrounded by coconut trees, paddy fields and sugarcane fields. Located at a distance of 112 kilometers from Bangalore, Kunti Betta is another eye-soothing hill located in Mandya district in the state of Karnataka. It is believed that Pandavas took exile in this very place, hence it is also called Pandavapura. The difficulty level to reach the hill is kept under moderate range. 

It takes around two hours to reach the hill top from the base. Kunti Betta is also famous for a temple with a pond situated at the foothill which is popular among pilgrims. The forest trekking begins near the pond itself. The place is full of natural beauty consisting of paddy fields, coconut trees and lush greenery. The fort is also famous for rock climbing. Another famous lake, located at around four kilometers from the hill, offers another eye-catching view during the hike. The month of October to May is the best time to visit Kunti Betta.


Trekking : 

Trekking is the most famous activity among the tourists. The trek of Kunti Betta is a short one which makes it easier for both beginner as well as expert climbers. The trek offers a mouth dropping view of the entire area. Night trekking is also allowed at Kunti Betta which makes it more loved among adventure seekers. 

Camping : 

Camping is also allowed at Kunti Betta. One gets to stay amidst lush greenery and rocky hills. Camping in this place makes one feel very close to nature. One must stay in camps and enjoy and admire the God made magic. 

A Visit to Kunti Kund : 

kunti kund is a small water reservoir situated at the foothill which is filled with clear blue water throughout the year. The kund got its name after Pandavas mother Kunti. The kund is surrounded by lush green trees which makes the entire location spell binding. Visiting Kunti kund is highly recommended for the tourists so that they can sit there and relax and can also capture the beautiful surroundings with their cameras. 

Swimming At Thonnur Lake : 

 Located at a distance of ten kilometers from Kunti Betta, Thonnur lake is a man made lake, believed to be built by king Ramanujan around one thousand year ago. To beat the heat, one can enjoy swimming in the cold water of Thonnur lake. The lake gets its water from the Krishna Raja Sagara dam which makes the lake filled with water throughout the year. The lake is an ideal spot for swimmers to enjoy a good time in the cold and refreshing water. 

Kayaking : 

Thrill and adventure lovers can enjoy kayaking at Thonnur lake. The activity requires both thrill and technique so expert guidance is always advised. 

A Visit to Parikrama Point

Parikrama point is the place which provides a sweeping view of the entire area. Just by standing here, one can get an eye dropping view of the entire place. The vegetation, lush green forest, and the unique scent that surrounds the whole environment makes the whole area astonishing. The place makes every visitor awestruck with its heavenly beauty.

A Visit To Shri Mallikarjuna Temple

Shri Mallikarjuna temple is situated at Kunti Betta. One can reach there after climbing a hundred rock stairs. The temple is a prime example of Dravidian architecture. It is also an important pilgrimage site as well. There is also a marriage hall or “kalyana mantapa” situated right behind the temple to perform marriage ceremonies. A figure of Lord Ganesha is also painted on the stone beside the temple. 


The peak of Kunti Betta has a height of 950 meters. The rocks of Kunti Betta make it an ideal place to enjoy rappelling. The climbing and descent is both steepy which makes it a challenge for adventure lovers. This activity has a thrill of its own and can be enjoyed mostly by expert hikkers. 

Boating and Fishing : 

Another most loved activities enjoyed by the tourists are boating and fishing in Thonnur lake. The boats are generally referred to as “dinghy” which is a great fun activity. Boating across the lake is a popular activity which is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Thonnur lake also offers fishing activities. One can try their hands on fishing in this lake. This fun activity is enjoyed by the visitors throughout the year. 

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