Nine high paying jobs in the United States

high paying jobs in the United States

Browsing the internet to find different career paths that would suit you the best? Well! There is a plethora of factors that influence your decision. That may be a qualification requirement, the primary responsibility to undertake. Also, your personal interest, earning potential and scope of growth in the future impacts your decision on which career path to pursue.

Finding jobs in Orangeburg, South Carolina, requires ample time and extensive research.

Today’s blog discusses the nine best high paying jobs in USA. Also, we have listed the respective job responsibilities and educational qualifications. Plus, the national average salary you can expect to earn.

Let’s roll!


A cardiologist is a medical professional who is an expert in dealing with diseases and disorders of the heart. They treat the conditions like congenital heart defects, heart failure, etc.

A career in cardiology is a competitive sub-field of medical science. It requires immense hard work, dedication, and passion for treating heart patients.

Even though the profession is challenging, it is a rewarding career option for candidates and is considered one of the best high paying jobs in USA.

Primary Duty:

A cardiologist’s responsibilities and duties differ depending on one’s expertise and experience level.

But the typical responsibilities may include –

  • Completing medical interviews and assessing new patients
  • Prescribing the diagnostic and laboratory tests of patients
  • Analysing the results of diagnostic and laboratory tests of patients
  • Diagnosing patients based on their test reports and lab results
  • Creating a treatment plan for patients
  • Prescribing medications and therapy as required
  • Providing constant support and taking follow-ups from patients on their healing progress
  • Educating patients about cardiovascular disease risk and their prevention tips.
  • Work with the patient’s primary doctor and other specialized physicians.

Qualifications Required:

If you aspire to become a cardiologist, you will need to go through a long period of medical studies. Doing this will help you get licensure and board certification.

Your first step would be to pursue a bachelor’s degree with MBBS after 10+2.

After that, you must get admission in the PG course leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in general medicine.

After you complete a three-year degree of MD, go for the super specialty course of 3-year DM in Cardiology to be a Cardiologist.

National average salary: $351,827 per year


An anaesthetist is a physician skilled at using anaesthesia on patients before and during various medical procedures and surgeries.

Primary Duty:

Anaesthetists’ have a huge responsibility to keep patients safe and check them before, during and after surgery. This may include –

  • Monitoring pain relief before, during, and after the medical procedures gets over
  • Monitoring signs during procedures in patients
  • Supervising registered nurse anaesthetists and the anaesthesia assistants
  • Approving general, sedative, regional, or local anaesthetics
  • Reviewing medical files and lab results
  • Complying with medical and hospital procedure policy

Qualifications Required:

To become an anaesthetist, you must complete a four-year degree in a science-related field.

 After that, it would be best if you got into a medical college to pursue either a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).

After graduating, you must clear the United States Medical and Licensing Examination to specialize further in paediatric, obstetric. Or in palliative or critical care anaesthesiology, so as to get certified by The American Board of Anaesthesiology.

You must also complete a four-year residency program before practicing in a hospital or on your own.

National average salary: $326,296 per year

This is of the highest paying jobs in Orangeburg South Carolina.

Industrial Engineer

An Industrial Engineer is a professional who designs and develops production layouts for a company’s warehouse to increase productivity and quality standards.

They use their skills better to understand their company’s current processes and procedures, then work to improve them.

Primary Duty:

  • Removing waste from the production processes
  • Communicating with customers about product specifications and vendors about purchases. And with management professionals about manufacturing capabilities. Also, with team members about the status of projects.
  • Finding ways to manufacture products and deliver services with the most efficiency
  • Developing management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient
  • Preparing quality control procedures to troubleshoot production problems or cut costs
  • Designing control systems to ensure that the products adhere to quality standards

Qualifications Required:

To find industrial engineer jobs in USA, you’ll at least need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. Or in mechanical, manufacturing and civil engineering. But some recruiters may also prefer candidates with a master’s degree. Additionally, to earn a PE license, you will need to work under the guidance of a licensed professional for at least four years.

National average salary: $73,905 per year

Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst protects computers from hackers.

They look for any security breach and investigate and test the network to look for gaps.

Their job is to make recovery plans to help the company get its system working in a cyber-attack.

This is why an Information Security Analysts job is considered one of the best jobs in USA.

Primary Duty:

  • Identifying security threats. And ensuring appropriate data security procedures are implemented in the company.
  • Evaluating and accessing whether the information is compliant with policy.
  • Analyzing data and rendering decisions quickly.
  • Reviewing detected events.
  • Collaborating with teammates, co-workers and managers to resolve issues and achieve goals
  • Receive direction from leaders and exercise independent judgment. Also, developing the knowledge to understand the function, policies, procedures, and compliance requirements.

Qualifications Required:

You will at least need a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Or a four-year degree in computer engineering to find Information security analyst jobs in USA.

After that, you can go for an information security certification to get a solid knowledge base in security issues. It will also give you the credentials to show employers your competency.

National average salary: $83,001 per year.


Veterinarians are medical professionals who treat the injuries and illnesses of animals with a variety of medical equipment.

So, if you love animals or love the idea of working and taking care of pets, becoming a veterinarian may be the best career path for you.

Primary Duty:

Veterinarians are typically responsible for the following:

  • Examining animals to diagnose their health issues
  • Treating and dressing animal wounds
  • Performing surgery on animals
  • Test and vaccinate animals to prevent them from diseases
  • Advising animal owners about general care, medical conditions, and treatments
  • Prescribing medication for pets and other animals.

Qualifications Required:

To find veterinarian jobs in USA, you’ll need a four-year degree in a field like a biology, zoology, chemistry, physics, or another related field.

You’ll also need to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from a veterinarian college.

Once you have your degrees, you can make a good living as a veterinarian.

National average salary: $95,762 per year

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is a professional who looks after the marketing side of a product, service or business.

To find Marketing Manager jobs in USA, you must own an outgoing and spontaneous personality. Also, you must be detail-oriented and diligent in meeting budget restraints and timelines.

Primary Duty:

  • Arranging estimates and budgets for marketing campaigns
  • Submitting budgets for approval
  • Working with advertising agencies
  • Negotiating with stakeholders
  • Preparing sales and advertising contracts
  • Reviewing advertising material such as print material, TV commercials, online advertisements, etc.
  • Managing employees and third-party vendors
  • Analyzing customer feedback from social media platforms
  • Addressing customer service problems
  • Building relationships with media outlets
  • Brainstorming fresh strategies

Qualifications Required:

It would be best to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, communications or a related field. Some companies also prefer MBAs. You must also have over ten years of working experience solely in the marketing domain to find marketing manager jobs in USA.

Additionally, you must be familiar with content marketing and social media development strategies.

National average salary: $64,259 per year


Being a statistician means you’ll spend your days applying numerical knowledge. And spend hours in statistical explanations to predict results and trends.

Also, you’ll be working in several fields. Like agriculture, business, biology, economics, education, government and medicine.

As a statistician, you can help managers simplify data to make vital decisions.

They work with insurance and finance companies, universities, research institutions, and healthcare services.

So, if you can find answers from numbers, have an analytical mind or seek a job that pays well, then put your big brain to finding statistician jobs in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Primary Duty:

Your primary responsibilities will need you to:

  • Collect, integrate and analyse big data sets.
  • You will need to use statistical analysis to support decision-making.
  • Improve statistical processes and provide statistical support where required.
  • Check the statistical methods to ensure validity, applicability, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Report results of statistical analysis in graphs, charts, and tables.

Qualification Required:

A Master’s degree in mathematics or statistics

National average salary: $84,336 per year

Financial Reporting Manager

A financial reporting manager is a professional who prepares government financial filings. And coordinates with the company’s legal and financial teams.

Primary Duty:

The typical responsibilities of a financial reporting manager are as follows –

  • Coordinating with different team members and preparing reports to summarize financial data.
  • Performing studies to interpret financial actions
  • Modifying accounting processes and offering technical advice and making the necessary improvements.
  • Interpreting all operating results and annual budgets and administering forecasts for monthly reports
  • Developing financial models, preparing forecasts and reporting tools for better performance
  • Maintaining forecast models for the company’s income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
  • Ensuring compliance with all reporting requirements. Plus, filing quarterly forms according to present needs and new rules.
  • Supervising revenue recognition programs. And implementing new methodologies, reviewing contracts to address financial issues and documents same. etc

Qualification Required:

A bachelor’s degree in finance, statistics, economics or related fields is essential. Many financial managers also go ahead with a master’s degree. You can choose to be a master in finance, business administration or economics. Pursuing a masters will help you get more insights into financial analysis and administration and also help you get high paying jobs in USA in this field.

National average salary: $102,178 per year

Chief Executive Officer

A chief executive officer is the head of a company responsible for ensuring the organization runs and meets its goals.

Primary Duty:

Their responsibilities may involve the following –

  • Creating strategies and plans for company growth.
  • Overseeing the budget, office culture, staffing, human resources, team-building, etc.
  • Creating and implementing policies
  • Making decisions on the company’s behalf
  • Gaining awareness of the industry and what competitors are doing
  • Establishing visions for the company
  • Measuring the company’s performance
  • Overseeing every department’s daily activity

Qualification Required:

If you aspire to be a CEO of a company/organization, you must pursue a bachelor’s degree. Or enrol in courses in fields like economics, accounting, business or similar areas. While getting your bachelor’s degree, you must take classes in finance and operations. Or in ethics and public policy for a thriving career in management.

You can also get a master’s degree or an MBA in finance and operations. Or in management, law, human resource, organizational behaviour, public administration and corporate strategies.

National average salary: $112,591 per year

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