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We all come across the situation of paychecks to paychecks, payday loans to be rich in short. Following a down falling economy, social media stands as a boon to check out for fast, steady  rapid income. As they make a vicious circle with scams, flips, and pyramid schemes.

Paying $100 and earning back $800 is always interesting and tempting. But when it comes to money it is all fake.

When someone assures you to give $800 in place of $100 it is definitely fake and never it is true. If you get into the trap of a popular scam, it is assumed that you will loose your money.

In the following sections, we will find how these scam works and ways to isolate them from real ones.

Are they fake?

Yes, here is the answer! There is no lunch for free! In today’s world of hyper showcasing, these lumbos try to fool us around in the name of the stock, investment, and crypto. Instagram plays a major role among these.

The real truth of hard earning times is not understood or seen by us when considering a rich person. What we see is just the iceberg tip of the solid mass of ice hidden inside the water.

It is very common to become blind while seeing from one side but considering the other side it’s very tough. Also, when the profit of investing one percent is up to 8% then, it is common to get mesmerized.

In the PYRAMID SCHEME, this is common to get cheated in any such portal to turn $800, in turn, $100. This is never realistic. A million dollars are charged and collected from people in this manner.

The different versions of pyramid schemes are:

Circle Game

Infinity Loom

Giving Circle

Mandala Game

Blessing Circle

Money Board

Blessing Loom

The names are not new as many readers would have invested in these for a great deal ending up in poor loss! They were initially doing their scams through chain letters or someone comes to you and convinces you to pay on their scheme but now they have chosen a fake cash app identity.

These fraudsters choose an old-aged poster that had an update and re-arranged the words with new contents in the middle. This makes the users feel real and fall into their trap in short. For these people, the technology and design ideas help a lot to create the scam poster.

These scammers try to attract as many people as possible and you are not the only one to get attracted by these posters. The others might be any of your friends, family, or known people. On the note of the scam through words or on sight gives you a DM saying that you can check by sending $100 to the cash app and get back $800 in return.

Thus it is always better to check for the verification of the account and then think of ‘cash app $100 to $800

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