If you dream about sex with the boss, most likely you are not attracted to his body, but to the role.

Recent study showed that modern girls aged 16-30 have erotic dreams three times more often than their grandmothers half a century ago and almost as often as male peers. The authors explained: women have clearly said goodbye to their former stiffness, and the topic of sex has ceased to be a taboo.

According to the same source, up to 18% of dreams in both men and women are somehow connected with erotic experiences. Sex is dreamed 3-4 times more often than stories about sports or politics. But the more people experience pleasure or even orgasm in a dream, the more questions arise from “What would that mean?” Am I okay?”

We will answer the second one right away: erotic dreams are normal. And with the meaning of some popular stories, we will understand in more detail.

Sex with a friend

No, such night visions do not at all speak of latent homosexuality. “In a dream, close friendships sometimes reach a new level, “explains popular sexologist, professor at Indiana University.

Sex with an ex-partner

You haven’t seen your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend since college. And suddenly in a dream you had crazy sex. What to do? Maybe this is a sign and it’s time to write ex-love in social networks? Take your time!

Sex Therapists assure that such dreams are absolutely natural even for people who are happily married and have four children. It is unlikely that the old feelings are still alive (although occasionally this is true). It’s just that while we sleep, our brain is busy sorting through memories and creating sometimes unexpected associations.

It is possible that some nuances of the current relationship remind you of the past. Or you caught a glimpse of a person with vaguely familiar features that evoked nostalgia. And if sex in a dream was so-so, perhaps this indicates that your priorities have changed and you have begun to think more about your own pleasure.

Sex with a super star

Intimacy with idols is a popular erotic fantasy. But what if you dreamed of having sex with a star that you are indifferent to? Why did this person get into your subconscious and bed, not in reality?

Movie or series? It’s possible that you identify with the character or draw a parallel between the plot and your own life.”

The story of a client who had a dream about having sex with Lenny Kravitz, although she was never a fan. At the mention of the name, the first thing a woman recalled was the dystopia The Hunger Games.

It turned out that she was desperately trying to lose weight, but no one noticed her efforts and modest successes. Then the subconscious used the image that Lenny played in the picture to warn: the only way to reach the target weight is to refuse food. Fortunately, the expert managed to convince his ward: health is more expensive!

Sex with a boss or colleague

If you are not in love with the hero or heroine of an office plot, then the essence of such a dream is not sexual desires, but career ambitions. Sex with management is cry subconscious that you feel leadership qualities in yourself and are ready to make responsible decisions.

Intimacy with colleagues is harder to decipher. The already mentioned Lori Levenberg advises you to consider what three words best describe the one or the one who crept into your brain. And then figure out what you would like to “appropriate” from this set. Perhaps you secretly admire his or her determination, sense of humor, or ability to spout ideas. Use the dream as a clue to what qualities you want to develop in yourself.

Sex with someone you don’t like

Yes, this happens too. After all, sexual experiences can be caused by a variety of emotions – including anger, which is a kind of passion. “A sexual dream may signal that in fact you are facing strong anger for a person.

Sex with a stranger

Psychologist, who wrote the book 100 Dreams Everyone Dreams and Their True Meanings, offers the following explanation: “A stranger usually personifies those parts of you and character traits that seem strange or not fully understood to you.”

His or her face behind the mask? Most likely, you tend to hide your talent and are embarrassed to show it in real life. Although subconsciously you really want it.

And if it was almost the best sex in your life and you felt in love for once? Perhaps in reality you are too obsessed with the technical side of sexual intercourse or the search for the G-spot. Here is a humane subconscious and threw you the emotions that you missed. What to do when you wake up in the morning? Obviously, it’s time to invite your loved one on a romantic date. Then your beautiful erotic dream will come true.
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