What kind of part-time job is suitable for a college student in Singapore?

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Every college student in Singapore has this question of whether they have any Part time jobs near meBut the most important thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of part-time jobs available for students in Singapore. If you are the one, keep reading this article until the end to know more details. 

Every student studying in Singapore is aware of the fees for getting admission to the University of Singapore. Then you have to work on spending every earned amount in the correct way possible and make it a point to earn a good decent amount during your tenure as a student studying in the university. 

The most critical responsibility for students in Singapore is to work on getting their student pass. The pass gets only issued to students doing their undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The student can apply when joining a course, but it depends on the university for their education degree. 

There are employment opportunities for students to apply for a full-time job. The students have to apply for an employment pass to start working in Singapore. So the eligibility criteria for students is to have a minimum salary of 3600$ every month. It is not easy for students to get, so they prefer to apply for the work pass to work for their stay in Singapore. Singapore Internship is also available for students to gain experience in their chosen field of interest. 

There are two steps to keep in mind for getting your work permit. They are as follows

  • Students will have to be enrolled in the institute approved by the Ministry of manpower. 
  • The student will not have to be an exchange participant who has come to study modules. 

Many universities and institutes have their own set of rules and regulations laid down for Part-Time jobs for students in SingaporeAs per the Singapore government’s rules and regulations, students can work around 16 hours during their term. 

Students have an option to work during vacation time as well. It is only possible if they fulfil the following rules. They are as follows.

  • Students must be studying in the institute approved by the government.
  • Have a work pass that gets issued by the immigration and checkpoints authority.
  • The student’s age will have to be above 14 years to be eligible for work. 

A student planning to work during their college term must fulfil these criteria. They are as follows: 

  • Students have to be the ones registered under one of the approved institutes. 
  • The student will have to have a work pass from the immigration and checkpoints authority.

There are many Part-Time jobs for students in SingaporeThey are as follows:

Freelancer: There are many opportunities available for freelancers compared to other jobs. The work can get done from the comfort of your home by just having a computer and a stable internet connection. Many job options are available for students like graphic designer, coder, writer, finance, and many other kinds of jobs that help showcase your skills.  

Data-entry operators: If you have a good typing speed, this job is for you to do and earn a good amount from typing. 

Language interpreter: It is another great part-time job that students can apply for if they have a good command of a foreign language. You can work on an assignment basis and earn a good part-time income by offering your services. You can work as an interpreter and work for interpreting the data in your language or converting it to your language. 

Chef: This is another exciting job for students who are good at cooking food. There are several Indian restaurants available in Singapore where students can apply for a job as a chef and make a good part-time income to support their expenses. 

Waiter: It is the most straightforward job to take in Singapore as a waiter. The job is more of a labour type work, but benefits as the owner can offer you a free dinner in the evening after completing your shift. You also get to earn good money by doing this job. 

Supermarket: Many Indian supermarkets work in tandem in Singapore and are always on the lookout for hiring Indian students. The best thing is a student’s benefits by working in these supermarkets. They will give an additional discount to students if they purchase anything or the groceries from their store regularly. 

Campus jobs: Students can give their names to the university or institute they are studying for doing part-time jobs. The student will get to handle and look after the library, do a full audit of the books, and get it arranged in the best possible way. 

These are all the Part time jobs near me that you can think of applying for and making good decent money. The students can go ahead and check with good cafes restaurants near their place of stay and ask if they have any job requirements for them to apply. If there is a job, then, in that case, it is an excellent opportunity for them to make good decent money by giving their services. 

There are a good number of opportunities that are available for students. Students can apply for Singapore Internship by approaching companies based on their work passes and documents. These internships usually last not more than 2 to 3 months. But give the student a good knowledge related to the field he has chosen to work. 


Every student looks for  Part-time jobs near me as they don’t prefer to travel too far off distance for doing part-time jobs. It helps students save time by not travelling too far off places for work. There is an increasing number of students applying to study in Singapore. But at the same time, students want to earn a part-time income for getting short of cash during their stay in Singapore. This extra hard-earned cash comes very handily in the time of any crisis and leads a balanced life. 

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