Where do you find part-time jobs in Singapore as a foreign student?

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There are many Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore for international students. Students need to do their research and study before starting to apply for job opportunities around Singapore. The way Singapore has become an excellent hub for institutes for providing quality education. Many institutes provide quality education and have a good ranking worldwide. If you are looking for part-time jobs in Singapore, this article is for you to keep reading until the end. 

Singapore Life

The city has many international students residing there for studying and working. There are universities in Singapore that are very known among Indian students. There is also an area in Singapore called “little India”, and everything is managed over there by Indians. The best part is that any international student can travel very comfortably as the mode of transport is very well managed. The government is also very active and works towards improving the lives of every citizen staying in that country.

 Guidelines to follow

Many universities and institutes have laid down guidelines and rules for international students. As per the Singapore government, no international student can work for more than 16 hours per week, and if they want to work more hours, they need to have a work permit. Every international student studying looks for Flexible part-time jobs in Singapore so that they can manage their college and studies as well. 

The main thing for every international student is to get their degree and get a good score for improving their chances of getting more job opportunities. 

There are many Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore for anyone to apply. They are as follows:

Waiters in restaurants: The job is relatively primary for starters and is more labour intensive for anyone looking for a regular job. There are many restaurants in Singapore to offer you a part-time job. 

Chef: If you have good cooking experience, you can apply for a job as a chef’s apprentice. Many Indian restaurants are there to hire any Indian good in cooking. 

Data-entry operators: If a student is good at typing, students can apply for data-typing jobs. 

Foreign language: Every country needs people who are good at translating other foreign languages. Suppose the student has good command over languages like Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish. Then he can apply for translation job assignments to interpret the language for the client and make a decent amount of money. 

Apply at university/institute: It is best if a student can check in their university or institute to know if there are any job opportunities available for them to do it part-time. The job offered could either become exciting or a mundane task that you will have to do to earn a good amount of money. The job could be anything related to handling the library, cafeteria, or any other place that requires attention in the university. 

Placement cell: The best thing is to approach your university and institute for getting a Flexible part-time job in Singapore. You can give your names to the community and let them know that you are looking for a part-time opportunity. You can also keep checking with cafes, supermarkets and many other shops if they are looking for an intern to do a part-time job. 


If you are doing a part-time job in Singapore, the salary will keep varying according to the job. There could be additional benefits that you will get with the job. So if you are doing a part-time job at a restaurant, the restaurant owner will offer you free dinner every night. If you are working part-time in a supermarket, the owner will give you additional discounts on buying groceries from his shop. The minimum amount students can earn is anywhere from 1000$ to 3000$ per month. 

There are many Full-Time Jobs available for students looking for a job after completing their course from the university or institute. If the student has good experience and a professional degree, he will not need to worry and get an excellent job in Singapore. 


There are endless opportunities for students available online. If the students are good in a particular skill like coding, designing, writing, and many other opportunities that one can apply for and get a good number of clients by showcasing your skill and providing them with your service. Many students in Singapore have worked in various other roles during their course duration and made a decent amount of money to handle their expenses. 

Job for freshers

After getting their graduation degree, the most important thing for students is to look for an internship for getting a good experience in the chosen field. The internship usually lasts for around 2 to 3 months and help them in gaining more skills. If the student has a good track record in their internship, they can get a Full-Time Jobs in the company they are working for this duration. 

Once the student has a full-time job, he has to apply for an employment pass and start his work. The government of Singapore is very efficient and smooth in handling matters related to the job for students. If the student’s papers are all in place, the student can get his paperwork done smoothly and efficiently to get their employment pass. 

Singapore is a clean city and well-maintained for any international student to start loving this place and stay there for a longer duration with their family. 


Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore has many options available to make a decent amount of money to handle their increased expenses. The covid-19 epidemic has changed the way organisations work in today’s time. There is a growing demand for online work or work from home. It can never be ruled out that there are many part-time jobs available for students to get done online. They do not have to go to the office for getting the work done. All the details related to the job are shared online, and the student needs to get the job completed on time. 

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